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Game Type



350 kg


110 x 210 x 200


Pedal up, balloon pop!

The brand-new amusement game of Alba has an exceptional design that offers a fun and competitive gaming platform for players of all ages.

The aim is to pop the balloon and reach the highest score by speed-pedalling.

If a player manages to pop the balloon before time runs out, the wheel turns, and next balloon lines up for maximizing the score.

Bikelon is ready to be an irreplaceable arcade machine in every playground.

Get ready to pop the balloon and enjoy the ride!

Bikelon - Alba Arcade. Bicycle, sports coin-operated amusement machine. Balloon popping game machine. 

Ferhatpaşa mh. 77. sk. No: 46

Alba Plaza Ataşehir/ISTANBUL

+90 216 575 78 82

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