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  • User-friendly Interface

  • Time Management

  • Performance analysis

  • Anti Fraud Protection

  • Management Security

  • Customer Loyalty

  • Pricing flexibility

  • Increase in Revenue


The entertainment industry is processing with cutting-edge devices.​

Cashless payment methods and Family Entertainment Centers (FEC) management technology, in the meantime, are also evolving to satisfy the needs operators and customers.

Keeping up with technology means branding, marketing, increase in revenue, and cost cutting now.

OPIS offers more than a typical cashless payment system does for arcades and FEC's. Customers don't need a pocketful of tokens anymore, instead, they can make transactions and collect redemption tickets with their RFID cards and wristbands.

Sales are controlled either in-situ or remotely. The personel who the operator authorizes can arrange the price of an arcade game or launch a promotional campaign instantly.

Performance-based reporting allows operators to determine the most and the least profitable attraction points to optimize their entertainment center effectlively.

opis, opis200, cashless payment, opis module, opis softplay
opis, opis200, cashless payment, opis module, opis softplay

Why you should have OPIS?

  • No need to purchase coin-exchange machines or expect your customers to have spare coins in their pockets all the time.

  • Generate loyalty by return visits

  • More spending than coin-operated payments

  • Game or card-based promotion

  • Any potential fraud against customers and the operator is prevented

  • Linux based operating system provides enhanced security

  • User-friendly interface

opis, ticket, alba, cashless payment, module
opis, ticket, alba, cashless payment, module

Multiple Features in One Card

Single debit card for both collecting electronic tickets and RFID cashless payment

Personalized cards boost return visits

Full-color cards with custom designs are great tools for branding your business

More spending than the traditional coin payment method

opis, ticket, alba, cashless payment, module

Where to use OPIS/200 Cashless Systems?

  • Arcades

  • Amusement and theme parks

  • FEC

  • Laser Tags

  • Trampoline parks

  • Soft play areas

  • Skate parks


A fundamental solution for arcades and FECs with redemption games. OPIS/200 redemption is a hub, providing RFID cashless payment, e-ticket collection, and stock management as a complete

solution without requiring any other software.

Save Money, Save Environment

  • No more printed-ticket costs, and paper mess

  • Enviroment-friendly solution

  • Cut in additional labor costs

  • Inventory management via barcode scanner

  • Complete control of activities with detailed reports

  • Simplified redemption history tracking

opis, opis200, cashless payment, opis module, opis softplay
opis, opis200, cashless payment, opis module, opis softplay


  • Dedicated to soft play areas, trampoline parks, skate parks, and all the other                           entertainment centers that offer time-limited attractions.

  • Automated pricing for extra play time

  • Entry-exit time and additional information entry

  • Simplified interface for a practical use

  • Unlimited customer tracking

  • Integrity with the printer

opis, ticket, alba, cashless payment, module
opis, opis200, cashless payment, opis module, opis softplay

OPIS Cashless Payment System for FECs and arcades. POS, redemption, soft play management, and mobile payment systems. 

Ferhatpaşa mh. 77. sk. No: 46

Alba Plaza Ataşehir/ISTANBUL

+90 216 575 78 82

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