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270 kg


210 x 130 x 200


Mizbo is an interactive video arcade game that has 10 entertaining game mods.

​To play Mizbo, push one of the 10 buttons and choose your game.


Have a snowball fight, cut flying fruits, hunt ghosts, catch fish, and complete some other missions by throwing balls to the touch screen.​


Players of all ages can easily play the Mizbo amusement machine as it provides a large, 42-inch screen and a relatively shorter throwing distance.

​One means two for Mizbo! Play 2 games in a row with 1 token.

Mizbo - Alba Arcade. Interactive ball-throwing amusement machine. Coin-op game with a touch screen.

Ferhatpaşa mh. 77. sk. No: 46

Alba Plaza Ataşehir/ISTANBUL

+90 216 575 78 82

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